Flagler Beach Condos Are Truly A Bargain

flagler-beach-condosNot many astute real estate investors will disagree that Flagler Beach has some of the world’s most beautiful condo with awesome ocean views. Many of them are nestled in condo communicates with a host of amenities such as a community center, Shuffle-board, tennis, golf and swimming pool. If you are looking for a good bargain then Flagler Beach is just the right place to invest in. Flagler Beach is around 30 minutes from St. Augustine and where all the action is in Daytona, and 90 minutes from Orlando and its theme parks. Much of its real estate consists of 2 and 3 bedroom condos well equipped with furnished kitchens, large floor plans, club house, swimming pool, and all the luxuries you can dream of.

Flagler Beach has witnessed increased activity in the real estate market. This is in terms of volume while prices seem to be still significantly low. Albeit fewer transactions, more than of of them account for cash transactions. Among the major real estate investments in the Flagler Beach market are condos. These units are in greater demand at a time when the market is slowly but surely recovering from the slump. Moreover, it is projected that Flagler County is likely to record a significant increase in population which leads to a greater demand for housing. The inventory of pending sales are up and the number of days a condo is on the listings has dropped, which is a positive sign that at current price levels there’s plenty of demand. While homes spent an average of 220 days listed in the market in 2009 the figure is down to around 137.

Flagler Beach has its fair share of distressed and short sale homes, which is why you will find a range of properties including condos well below their market value. However, many of these sell as soon as they are listed. Many of today’s condo buyers are investors willing to make cash purchases and have realized that prices are no longer deemed to spiral downwards, which is why good bargains may become few and far between in the next two years. The key to surviving a good offer on a condo today is to offer more than the listing price. With the positive trend continuing, Flagler Beach is likely to see more regular sales than short sales and bank-owned ones.

So, is it time to by a Flagler Beach condo? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Interest rates are still low and there are still a few good deals on short sale condos, which is a great motivation for investors. Besides, these units offer more than value for money. Low prices aren’t going to last for long especially when the number of short sale properties is on the decline. For the most part, the days of sitting on the sideline are gone. The key is snap up a condo as soon as possible since many deals are being struck at a record pace.

Flagler Beach offers you a choice of condo communities such as Marina Bay, Ocean Hammock, Hammock Beach Club, Cinnamon Beach, Bridgewater, Marina Cove, Aiki Gold Coast, and more. If you are looking at bank owned properties at Flagler Beach, this is the right time to make an offer before your options run out. A day or two delay can cost you your dream home. The market dictates price right now. There are bargains to be found. However, make sure you have an experienced agent with local knowledge of the area to work with.