Flagler Beach, Florida History and Beauty

Flagler Beach Florida


Flagler Beach in Florida is one of the favorite destinations of vacationers. Nestled between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach on Florida’s east coast, Flagler Beach is home to the Flagler Beach Pier.  The pier has attracted numerous anglers and tourists since it was built in 1925.  Indeed, Flagler Beach started as a cozy, tiny fishing village that eventually became the busy seaside city that it is today.  However, the place was able to retain its simple fishing village charm.

1916 saw the emergence of casinos in Ocean City Beach.  In 1925, the Flagler Beach Hotel was constructed.  This is the time that Flagler Beach Pier became a city and changed its name from Ocean City to Flagler Beach City.  This was done to shorten the name as well as to avoid confusion with the other two places bearing the same name at that time.  Eventually, it became Flagler Beach.

BY then, the beauty and activities of the place became well-known.  As more people were coming in, a fishing pier with facilities like dressing and shower rooms for guests were created.

Unfortunately, the hotel, casino and pier were destroyed by fires and hurricanes.  The community re-emerged with new structures.  In 1920, the first bridge over the Intra Coastal Waterway was built.  This enabled the promotion of the Oceanside community to others.

On the same year, Flagler Beach Airport came into existence.  And in 1927, the Ocean Shore Boulevard was finished and Flagler Beach can be accessed from the north by roadway.

 Flagler Beach boasts some of the best fishing spots in Florida.  Not only is the city famous for its sea, ocean and lakes; its canals are home to a wide array of fish species which you can enjoy catching all year round.

Flagler Beach is one of the famous vacation destinations not only because it is equipped with modern amenities, but it has retained it fishing village charm despite urbanization.  Flagler Beach is indeed a place where you can enjoy the ocean breeze, the orange blossom scent and the simple fishing community atmosphere.  SO when in Florida, do visit Flagler Beach and feel the unique experience it offers.

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Flagler Beach Florida