Flagler Beach Is A Great Place To Live

flaglerbeach2Flagler Beach lies on the northern coast of Florida, just south of the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area and north of Daytona Beach. Flagler Beach has a quiet coastal feel all its own- not as loud and raucous as Daytona and more mellow than Jacksonville.

Flagler Beach is a popular spot for newcomers to Florida to call home. The town of just over 5,200, along with the rest of the Palm Coast Metropolitan Statistical Area, is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States and one of the Florida Coast’s oldest beaches.

The area’s close proximity to Jacksonville and Daytona Beach make Flagler Beach the perfect commute. Many residents who live in the area work either north or south. There are many benefits to this approach. Flagler Beach has a slower pace and is great for raising families. The town’s open spaces and surrounding parks allow for outdoor activity in the sub-tropical climate year round.

The second benefit to setting up house in the Flagler Beach area is the difference in housing prices as compared to Jacksonville and Daytona Beach. The recent meltdown in the real estate market has impacted almost the entire country, and has hit Florida particularly hard, but the Flagler Beach area has held its real estate value better than almost any other area in the state. Part of the reason for this is that Flagler Beach didn’t experience the skyrocketing prices that more popular beach town destinations dealt with in the nineties and therefore, real estate prices had less room to crash. Another reason is simply the increasing popularity of Flagler Beach and the continuing demand for houses. The area has remained stable throughout the real estate crisis which has led to more stability overall in the community when compared to others.

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That doesn’t mean that great housing buys cannot be had. When looking for ocean front or ocean view property on Florida’s Atlantic coast, there are no better values than the Flagler Beach area. Whether it’s a quaint beachside cottage or a multi-story grand Georgian you are looking for, there is a great selection of properties at lower prices than the surrounding area. In many cases, if beachfront property in St. Augustine or Daytona is not in your budget, it may well be in Flagler Beach.

Flagler Beach’s location on the coast also makes the area a convenient drive to attractions around the state. It is an hour and a half drive from Orlando and all of the excitement of Disney World, which makes the park a more affordable vacation than having to rent a hotel room for one or more nights.  Even a vacation to Key West is drivable at just over seven hours.

Making the Flagler Beach area home is an option more people are exploring every day. With its perfect Florida sand and coastal charm, it has everything to offer whether you are a growing family or a retired senior.

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