Pricing Your Palm Coast Home

Pricing Your Palm Coast FL Home To Sell

You are moving and it’s time to sell your Palm Coast home. Downsizing, relocating or moving up, it’s time to put your house on the market.  Then the horror stories begin. It’s a buyers market, seller needs to price the house low to compete with short sales and foreclosures!  This is all speculation and one of the main reasons why you need a Realtor. Realtors are trained to professionally evaluate your homes worth. Pricing your house is the most important factor in selling your home. You only get one chance to make a first impression and after 21 days, your home has lost that loving feeling. Below are four tips that will help you with pricing your home!

Number one: Have your Realtor do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). This pulls all of the listings that have SOLD in the last 6 months within a one mile radius that are comparable to your home. Looking at what is currently on the market can be useful but not as important as what has actually closed. This is what appraisers and banks look at when handing out the money for the buyers home loan. Even it’s a cash deal, cash buyers will not spend more on a house than what it’s worth.

Number two: Remember that housing markets are local. What your cousin sold in Boca Raton will not work in Palm Coast. Even neighborhoods have pricing differences. A house in a gated community on a golf course will sell higher than that same house across town. This is why it is imperative that you look at homes sold within one mile of your house.

Number three: Factor in improvements, age and curb appeal. If you have updated your kitchen, added a bedroom and have a pool- this adds to the value of your home. Just be aware that just because you spent $30,000 in improvements does not mean you will increase the value but that amount.

Number four: Take your emotions out of it. Your home has memories that could never be priced but yet sellers try to do this all of the time. To a buyer, your home is only a house. It’s a business transaction and as a owner, you must take a step back and price your home with logic and statistics NOT emotion.

Beach Bum Realty understands how difficult it is to price a home. Let one of us show you how smooth the transition can be from seller to buyer.

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